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All About Us

Welcome to The Moose Hub, a place to support & celebrate social enterprise, global community and earth friendly living.

As you might have guessed from our name, we don't take ourselves too seriously.  We love a bit of fun & hope you will have fun with us. 

What we don't find funny is exploiting people in the making process of beautiful things.  Pollution of the air, soil and water is not amusing.  All to cut a price, & often for the poorest quality. 

Fast fashion.  Disposable goods.  No jokes.

Blue dye rivers, no fish, smokey skies, rubbish heaps, waste.  Nope, not our thing.  

We celebrate our artisans.  We love what they do, & honour the making traditions that they have perfected over generations. 

We ensure our artisans are paid fairly & are respected for their skills.

We celebrate the beauty of the earth, its resilience, & its fragility. 

We educate ourselves & want help you understand the true impacts and benefits of what we purchase.  


We are based in Newcastle, Australia, but we tend to wander. 

We sometimes have a real, grown-up retail store for a few months or so.  We also do pop-up collaborations with our friends.  We are always online here.  Sometimes we do markets, & sometimes we sell things through our friend's retail stores.  Sometimes we wander off to find new treasures for you - that's the adventurous bit.  

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To help you with your considered purchase, you can search by values that are important to you. 

Eco Friendly

A product gains this tag if its maker has actively taken steps in production to consider the environment - through material selection, the way it is made, packaging, transport and/or energy use.

Ethically Made

The maker has actively taken steps to ensure the product is not made by slave labour or children, and makes a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the making community. 

Fair Trade

The product has Fair Trade certification. 


The product, or component parts of it, are Certified Organic.


None of our products are tested on animals & we aim for the majority of our products to be vegan. We do stock some beeswax products, & some buttons are made from seashell which we prefer to plastic if wood is not available.  Occasionally a Fair Trade artisan product will contain leather as a trim. We choose to support the making of Fair Trade wool felt items from Nepal, and upcycled sari silk garments from India. We do not support any business or cause that involves the racing of animals, or the use of fur or feathers.   


Part or all of the product is made from recycled materials.

Australian Made

Made (not just designed) in Australia, to support local business and reduce product carbon footprint.


It's important to treasure the world & its artisans, but we also recognise the importance of acting locally. 

We minimise all waste, recycle packaging and use compostable bags for our freight.  We aim to offset the carbon emissions of all freight we send. 

We promote the use of public transport & cycling across our business. 

We support a range of local initiatives such as wildlife rescue and encourage community advocacy.  

  Pedal-powered delivery to our Newcastle pop-up shop. 


Much of our clothing and accessories range is made by The Stitching Project in Rajasthan, India. The Stitching Project is a social enterprise dedicated to producing quality work that contributes fairly to the livelihood of the producers.

They are a member of Craft Mark, denoting genuine Indian handicraft/artisan techniques.


Lata, Usha, Nicole, Madu, Guddu and Indra in The Stitching Project workshop, Rajasthan, India.


The Moose Hub was founded by me, Nicole. 

I combine my passion for sourcing eco friendly, artisan & fair trade/ethically made wares with sustainability consulting (I have a background in Environmental Science and Masters in Sustainable Business), and as much adventurous travel as possible, preferably in sub-zero temperatures.  When my models are busy I model some of our clothing (I'm an XL/16 and 178 cm tall).  I like nothing better than a sunny bicycle ride followed by a potter around a good market.

Emma is our graphic designer and also models our clothing (she's an S/10 - M/12 and 182cm tall).  Emma is an architecture student passionate about plastic-free, plant-based living, sustainable architecture and a good dal bhat in the Nepali Himalaya.