Hello and welcome to The Moose Hub!

We are an eco lifestyle store based in Bowral in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.  We showcase ethical & eco friendly clothing, gift and homewares, providing a main street hub for sustainable living, thinking, giving and inspiring.  We also run events in the Highlands promoting eco and ethical fashion, books and people.

Our online store extends our love of sustainable living across Australia and the world.

We aim for style and substance - carefully selecting pieces that we know will make you look great and look after our earth at the same time.  We specialise in trans-seasonal, comfortable and affordable pieces in natural fibres, fun and thoughtful gifts and quality and long-lasting homewares.  

Our aim is that all our products will reflect our values:

    • We care about the people & communities that make our products and aim to make a positive difference in their lives
    • We value the natural environment in everything we do
    • We love recycling, upcycling and re-using
    • We promote Fair Trade
    • We do not purchase products made by children or forced labour
    • We seek out natural, organic, GMO-free and low carbon products
    • We will always ask who made our products and how they were made


      We have 8 product criteria that we look for when selecting products.  You can search our site using these criteria:


        • Australian made - Made (not just designed) right here in Australia.
        • Highlands made - Made by a local within the Southern Highlands of NSW.
        • Eco friendly - A product gains this tag if its maker has actively taken steps in production to consider the environment - through material selection, the way it is made, packaging, transport and/or energy use.  
        • Ethically made - The maker has actively taken steps to ensure the product is not made by slave labour or children, and makes a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the making community.
        • Fair Trade - the product is certified Fair Trade.
        • Organic - the product, or component parts of it, are certified Organic.
        • Vegan - the product does not contain any animal part or product.
        • Recycled/upcycled - part or all of the product is from recycled materials.

          We hope you enjoy our selection of thoughtful pieces.  Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for specials and the latest news!

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