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Beeswax Candle Tin
Beautiful, natural beeswax double wicked candle in a travel tin.  Approximate burn time is 20 hours.   800mm diameter by...
Beeswax Tealight
These tea light candles are handmade from 100% natural Australian beeswax, combined with cotton wicks.  Each tea light candle will...
Large Amber Jar Candle
  These beautiful amber apothecary jars will fit perfectly into any interior. When lit, they throw a gorgeous subtle light...
Large Flat Amber Jar Candle
These large, flat amber jars will look gorgeous on any dining room table, coffee table, or in the kitchen. 100% natural...
Milk Bottle Candle
These small milk bottle jars are a great gift or the perfect accompaniment to your evening bath or relaxing at home.  ...
Reusable Tealight Tin
A tealight tin made from recycled aluminium - use to contain your organic beeswax tea lights.
Soy Clam Shell Melts
These delicious soy melts are perfect when burning in your oil burner - each cube of wax will have approximately...