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Communities, Councils & a Low-Ca...
What we can do if governments won't. Communities, Councils & a Low-Carbon Future is an urgent rallying call to reduce...
It's Easy Being Green
It's Easy Being Green is an indispensible handbook for all those who aspire to do more to protect the environment...
The beauty and garment industry's reputation for social responsibility is in tatters- grim stories of environmental damage, toxic chemicals and...
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Sew Adorkable
15 clever geek-chic sewing projects for your home, bed and body.
She Sheds
A treasure trove of women's creative spaces, She Sheds celebrates the creativity these beautiful spaces inspire, the memories they preserve,...
Shop Ethical
This popular guide focuses on the environmental and social record of companies behind common brands and draws from the Ethical...
Slick Water: Fracking
Fracking and one insider's stand against the world's most powerful industry.  A true life noir filled with corruption, incompetence and...
Tales from the Whispering Forest
Running through the heart of The Whispering Forest is a stream, a wandering stream that slips, and slides, and bends,...
The Anthropocene - The Human Era...
In The Anthropocene, environmental journalist Christian Schwägerl investigates our current ecological circumstances, and discovers something hopeful: that we already possess...
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The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest
A favourite vegetarian cookbook, updated with new recipes together with beautiful colour photography.  An indispensive collection of soups, salads, breads,...
The Real Cost of Fracking
How America's Shale Gas Boom is Threateneding our Families, Pets and Food.   Author:  Michelle Manberger & Robert Oswald.
The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd
The story of Australia's most controversial forestry giant, the corruption that gave it power, the environmental activists who fauhgt it,...
The Tree
A delightful picture book with a wonderful twist which encourages young children to think about the way animals and humans...
Wish Soup
Local Author! Wish Soup is a delightful collection of 12 seasonal tales for children of all ages. Filled with magic,...