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Welcome, Start Here!

Hi there, and welcome to our journal....

Our journal is where we get a little philosophical, and gives us a chance to show you some of the fun things we see and do.  

We also hope to give you a little insight into our products and processes.  

As Simon Sinek loves to say:

Start with the Why
"People don't buy what you do or how you do it but why you do it."


It's true, right? 

You could just go to the mall and buy some pants, because you need pants.  From a shop that sells pants.  Do they know anything about those pants, aside from price, size and colour?   

Do they know how they were woven, and by who?  Has the making of those pants contributed positively to someone's life?  To their children's education?  To their water supply?  Has it enabled them to continue an artisan skill?

The pants might be mildly interesting but the WHY behind those pants is fascinating!

What is our purpose? 

We are a purpose-driven social enterprise - so our purpose drives everything we do. 

Our purpose is to celebrate and support social enterprise, global community & earth friendly living, through conscious clothing, artisan wares and adventurous travels.   

Global community and artisans

Help us celebrate and support our amazing global artisans and their extraordinary skills as we showcase their products and lives.  We also chat about Fair Trade, social enterprise and our favourite artisan finds.  

(Photo:  Jean_Vella)

Earth Friendly Living

Embrace Mother Earth and protect her by making conscious decisions about products, processes and lifestyle.  We show you how you can choose clothing and gifts that are earth friendly, and how to avoid those that aren't. 

(Photo:  Marten-Bjork) 

Adventurous Travels

We love to travel and experience everything that the world has to offer.  We often meet other women who want to travel, but are just not every now and again we include some inspiration, resources or helpful guides.  

(Photo:  Jared Murray)

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